Classic Car Dealership and Restoration Center

Professional Auto service

We perform all automobile repairs from drivetrain, suspension, brakes to electrical diagnosing to routine maintenance on all makes and models.

classics fuel our PASSION

Our technicians have a combined 293 years of automotive experience! Classic/vintage cars and trucks fuel our passion and we love putting them back on the road. We are well equipped to work on carburetors, aftermarket fuel injection systems, forced induction, and much more!


You do not want your vehicle stored outside and neither do we. Our policy is to store your vehicle inside during the night and periodically outside during the day. Indoor storage is extremely expensive and adds to the cost of repairing classic trucks and cars.

Sourcing Parts

Finding the correct parts for vintage cars can be very challenging. Most of the time the replacement parts are no longer made new, or the original equipment is no longer in the car. We are experts at finding the correct, quality parts for your car while its being serviced here. Not many shops around town can provide this same service!



We know that all of our customers would love to receive a hard price quote prior to beginning work. We would also love it, but it’s generally not possible. The reality is that some relatively simple jobs can be estimated within +/- 15% of an official quote. In most cases, we can only provide a ‘guesstimate’ at best. Unless specifically stated otherwise, our services are provided on a time and materials basis.

Key Services:

  • Carburetor tuning or rebuilding
  • Tier 3 Holly Sniper Fuel Injection tech on staff
  • Full fabrication abilities
  • Alignments on vintage suspensions
  • Adding disc brakes
  • Adding Vintage A/C
  • Adding power steering
  • Retro-fitting 5 or 6 speed transmissions
  • Updating technology with fuel injection, Pro-chargers, engine rebuilds and more
Please inquire above, call, or email us at for more specific details!

Don't Know Where to Start? No Problem!

We offer a comprehensive 2-hour inspection fully disclosed with photographs to determine what your car needs to make it road worthy again.

This inspection cost $260 and you will receive a full report. Please click the link below to view an example report of exactly what you will receive.

Consultation to discuss your car, goals and needs after this is completely free.

We are an authorized dealer for InTouch; a GPS theft recovery and vehicle monitoring solution. Using the InTouch mobile app or computer, consumers can locate their vehicles, set virtual boundaries, and monitor vehicle battery voltage. Customizable alerts keep customers up to date on their vehicles. Call or inquire today for more information. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT