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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Sales

All over! From private parties to auctions. We go through the stress of finding good cars and then repairing them to pass our high standards inspection. This is all in an effort to make your owning experience a pleasure!

We have a little of everything! Between cars we own, trades and consignments, we keep our inventory interesting

We do offer financing through two different banks that specialize in classic cars. CLICK HERE to see this information.

We sell many of our cars across the country "sight-unseen" with great feedback. We do our best to send you as many detailed photos and videos so you know exactly what to expect when the car arrives. Once we agree on a price, all we need is a picture of a drivers license and insurance stub to get the process rolling. We overnight you our paperwork to sign with a return label to send it back. Once we receive the paperwork and payment, the car is ready for pickup via your own transporter or one we recommend.

We work with different automotive transportation companies to safely transport your newly purchased classic car directly to you. Please call and ask for more specific details.

When buying from us, we have already gone through the entire car top to bottom to ensure it is a good car. We will work directly with buyers to answer all their questions and concerns pertaining to the car by providing detailed pictures, videos and documents. When buying at an auction you don't really know what you are buying and then major problems can be found once you get the car home (after paying auction fees). Our mission is to eliminate the "what if's" and sell good cars!

We currently do not have a brokerage department and can't find specific cars. We do come across many cars, so if you give us a quick call and tell us what you are looking for we will add you to our list and call you if we come across anything!

Yes we do- please know test drives are set-up on an appointment only basis

All our cars are sold as-is unless specifically stated otherwise


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