Your Colorado High Performance Center

We offer a wide range of high performance services on classic, specialty and high performance vehicles.

  • Complete custom restomod projects
  • Custom fabrication
  • AWD dyno jet capabilities
  • Aftermarket fuel injection tuning and installation
  • Electronics and accessories
  • Suspension systems and complete retrofit chassis
  • Wheels/tries sizing and fitting
  • Crate engines installation

Have you Recently Acquired a Restomod or High Performance Vehicle?

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Dyno Jet Tuning


All-wheel drive performance chassis dynamometer and tuning services
#1 reason to come see us: Altitude, you might like our attitude too.
#2 - Your car's attitude, it's just basic air and fuel that needs adjustment
#3 - Faster is always better

Custom Fabrication

The Possibilities are Endless

Electroncis and Accessories

Keyless Entry, Push botton start and more