Classic Car Dealership and Restoration Center

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It is always our desire and policy to deliver services that meet or exceed your expectations. In order to accomplish our goal of complete satisfaction, it is necessary to establish mutual expectations and to communicate during your vehicle’s progress as your dreams move to completion.

Our mechanical services range from stock repairs, modernization, and high performance modifications. Our experienced and caring mechanical technicians take the time and have the ability to do it right. If we do not have a particular expertise ‘in house’ we have a community of trusted specialists ready to collaborate and assist.

Our body shop is equipped with the latest paint booth technology backed by experienced technicians. Our paint is of the highest quality. Many of our customers want a new paint job, partial restoration, complete restoration, accident or hail repairs, or possibly just a good refreshing of the vehicle. We do it all.

Please understand that working on classic vehicles produces a multitude of challenges.

  • Parts:
First, many required replacement parts are not available in new condition; this includes reproductions and ‘new old stock'. Second, used parts may or may not work but may be the only viable solution. Third, vehicles that are 30 to 70 years old have a long history of repairs and probably have been modified from their stock configuration, i.e. the correct replacement part no longer fits.

  • Paint & Body:
What looks straightforward is seldom ever straightforward. Removing the typical many layers of paint exposes the real problems. Rarely is a vehicle without sub-layer rust, excessive body filler, poorly welded repairs, panels riveted or glued (not welded) together, or significant undercoating to cover previous sloppy repair work. We cannot and will not provide sloppy workmanship resulting in problems reoccurring within 1 to 5 years.

  • Storage:
You don’t want your vehicle stored outside, and we don’t either. Our policy unless otherwise agreed to upfront is to store your vehicle inside during the night and periodically outside during the day. Inside storage is extremely expensive and adds to the cost of repairing classic cars and trucks.

We know that all of our customers would love to receive a hard price quote prior to beginning work. We would also love it, but it’s generally not possible. The reality is that some relatively simple jobs can be estimated within (+/-) 10 to 15 percent of an official quote. In most cases, for the reasons listed above, we can only provide a ‘guesstimate’ at best. Unless specially stated otherwise our services are provided on a time and material basis.

All of us would love to have our vehicle repairs or restoration completed within a few hours or a few days. While we make every effort to shorten the service time, the reality is that days, weeks, or months may be required. Your cooperation is needed in this area.

We look forward to making your classic vehicle desires and dreams come true. It gives us great pleasure giving life back to our beloved classics.