Classic Car Dealership and Restoration Center

Colorado High Performance Center

Mile High Performance Tuning, Modifications, and AWD Dynojet

All-wheel drive performance chassis dynamometer and tuning services

  • Benefits of Dyno tuning;
    • Preparation for track or drag strip tech inspection
    • Increased driveability
    • Increased power out of your current set up
    • Determine exact horsepower & torque at the wheels
    • Dial in air/fuel ratio and ignition timing
    • Obtain a broader torque power curve
  • Tuning Services;
    • Any Year, Make, Model welcome, both Foreign and Domestic
    • Fuel Injection, carburetor, forced air induction and more
    • High Altitude & Density adjustments
    • Load absorption tests
    • Air braking system
  • Measures;
    • Horsepower
    • Torque
    • Air fuel ratio
    • Absolute pressure, air temp and humidity
    • Ignition timing

We are a ProCharger authorized dealer and can install/tune many of their systems on many different makes and models. Please inquire on the above forum with your specific project for more details on pricing, time frame and compatibility.